321 Family Dental

COVID Protocols

Our commitment to patient and staff safety

There is nothing more important to us than the safety of our patients and staff. Although we have always had rigorous infection control practices, we recognize that additional steps are now needed to make your office visit as safe as possible. These additional steps either meet or exceed OSHA, CDC, and ADA guidance. 

We are always available to discuss any questions or concerns you may have about our safety protocol.

At 321 Family Dental, you know that behind every mask is a smile!

  • Daily health checks of team members - daily temperature checks and symptom reporting are required for all employees in the office.
  • Mask policy – At no point during your visit will a staff member be without a mask. Employees are required to wear masks at all times in the office, even when patients are not present.
  • Patient screening – all patients are asked a questionnaire before entering the facility. Upon arrival, temperature checks and additional questioning is completed. 
  • No handshakes or hugs – We hate to change this, but in order to reduce the amount of personal contact in the office, we are no longer doing any type of physical greeting.
  • No unnecessary visitors – visitation to the office is limited to only patients and guardians of patients to be seen for an appointment. 
  • Air purification – HEPA filtration is running throughout the office to re-circulate and purify the air. With our particular purifiers and their strategic locations, all of the air in the office will be filtered every 15 minutes. The filters are so small, that they will even remove viruses and aerosols from the air.
  • Additional intraoral evacuation – every treatment room is now equipped with additional suction devices that will assist in reducing aerosols produced through dental instruments. With the combination of the new suction devices and our standard high speed suction, ambient aerosol production has nearly been eliminated.
  • Sequenced patient scheduling – Simply put, we are seeing less patients and are reducing patient overlap in the office.
  • Deep clean in between patients – This has always been part of our infection control process. We use medical grade cleaning products to disinfect the entire treatment area in between patients
  • Instrument sterilization – This has always been a part of our infection control process. We use OSHA and CDC approved sterilizers to clean instruments. These sterilizers kill viruses, bacteria, and even fungi and are regularly monitored for effectiveness



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