Dental Implants in Melbourne, FL

Dealing with tooth loss can be challenging. And unfortunately, when you lose one tooth, it can quickly lead to more tooth loss if you don’t replace implant diagram in Melbourne FL

Dental implants offer an excellent solution that not only replaces your lost tooth but also protects your dental health. If you’re considering tooth replacement with dental implants in Melbourne, FL, Dr. Joel and Dr. Mark can guide you through the process.

Why Tooth Replacement Is So Critical

Losing one tooth may not seem like a big deal, especially if it’s in the back of your mouth, where it may not be as noticeable. However, some things happen when you lose a tooth that you may not realize.

When your root is gone, it will cause your bone to deteriorate since it doesn't have a root to support. Bone loss will eventually result in more tooth loss due to a lack of support for neighboring teeth. Since a dental implant replaces your root, it solves this problem by keeping your bone stimulated for regrowth.

Without a tooth replacement, your neighboring teeth begin to move out of their natural alignment and into the open space left by your lost tooth. This increases your chances of developing problems like gum disease, fractures, or tooth decay. It also causes bite misalignment, which can lead to painful jaw joint problems.

Because dental implants replace both your tooth and root, they also restore your smile, confidence, and your dental health.

The Dental Implant Process

Man and woman with dental implants in melbourne flDr. Joel or Dr. Mark can help you determine if you’re a good candidate for dental implants during an evaluation. With x-rays and a thorough examination, they can see if you have sufficient bone structure to successfully support your dental implant and if you are in good general health to complete the surgery.

If tooth implants are right for you, a trusted oral surgeon will place your implant during a simple surgical procedure. It takes several months for your implant to heal and fuse with your bone during a process called osseointegration, and our dentists will oversee the progression of your healing.

When your implant is fully healed and integrated with your bone, Dr. Joel or Dr. Mark will complete your restoration. This would typically be a porcelain crown for a single tooth replacement, but can also attach to dental bridges or implant-supported dentures for replacing multiple missing teeth.

Are You Ready to Reclaim Your Smile?

Whether you are dealing with the loss of one tooth or many, we can help you reclaim your smile and confidence.

If you’d like more information on how dental implants can restore your smile, contact our Melbourne dental office at (321) 254-0306 today to schedule an evaluation with one of our dentists.