Dental Crowns & Bridges Melbourne, FL

old couple smiling after visit at the dentist melbourne flIf you are living with a missing or broken tooth, it can become difficult or even painful to chew. You might even start feeling self-conscious about the appearance of your smile if your teeth have decay or your smile has gaps.

When your smile needs repair, it’s good to know that you have a dental team you can rely on. With the help of leading-edge technology like CEREC, Dr. Joel and Dr. Mark of 321 Family Dental create customized porcelain crowns and bridges right here at our Melbourne dental office that can restore beauty and function to your smile in a shorter amount of time than ever before. 

Instead of waiting two to four weeks for a dental lab to make your crown, CEREC uses 3-D imaging to help our dentists design and mill a beautiful custom dental crown in a matter of hours. To make your teeth look straighter, schedule a consultation with our team.

Why Should I Restore My Smile?

Living with a missing or broken tooth can make it exceedingly challenging to comfortably chew and eat the foods you normally enjoy. Imagine not being able to eat at your favorite restaurant because you can’t chew. It can make daily life frustrating!

When you have a tooth that is compromised or missing, it may also cause you to feel self-conscious about your smile. Dr. Joel Eley and Dr. Mark Kedzierski believe that everyone should have a smile they feel proud of, and tooth crowns and dental bridges make that possible.

When Is a Crown Recommended?

If your tooth is broken or decayed beyond what a filling can repair, our dentists will recommend a crown to restore your tooth. We use 3-D imaging to scan an impression of your tooth, so your porcelain crown will closely mimic its shape and shade. Crowns are also ideal for these situations:

  • To replace lost or broken restorations like fillings
  • As a restoration for a single implant
  • To strengthen a tooth that has had root canal treatment
  • To cover cosmetic concerns like fractures or discoloration

When Do We Recommend a Bridge?dental crowns | melbourne fl

A bridge works well for one or more missing teeth that are adjacent. It anchors with crowns to healthy teeth that support prosthetic replacement teeth that are attached in between.

We also make our bridges out of ceramic porcelain, so they naturally complement your smile while also restoring function.

CEREC Restores Your Smile Faster

Our dentists are proud to offer innovative CEREC technology that streamlines the process of making a crown or bridge in Melbourne from two to four weeks to two hours.

3-D imaging also makes the procedure more comfortable since we don’t have to take messy or uncomfortable impressions of your smile.

If your smile needs repair, don’t hesitate to contact 321 Family Dental at (321) 254-0306 for more information and to schedule your appointment.